White gloss acrylic /laminate kitchen


Modern-style kitchen with white acrylic and laminate fronts.

Island with integrated pull-out hood

The kitchen island is one of the most popular trends in contemporary kitchen design. It is a functional and stylish solution that allows the cooking and eating areas to be combined in one place.
Traditional cooker hoods can pose some challenges in terms of design and positioning on an island. They have to be mounted above the hob and their design can obstruct views and communication around the room. The pull-out hood solves these problems by providing an elegant and functional solution.

Visually, a pull-out hood is almost invisible when not in use. It is usually hidden in the worktop or in the built-in furniture on an island. In this way, it does not dominate the rest of the interior and gives the kitchen a modern and minimalist look.
When the hood is needed, it can be conveniently pulled out and activated. The pull-out hood effectively removes odours, smoke and fumes from cooking, ensuring clean and fresh air in the kitchen. When you are finished cooking, it can be retracted to blend in with the surroundings.

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