Kitchen with lacquered fronts

grafit antyfinger


The kitchen has beautiful lacquered fronts in NCS anti-fingerprint graphite. Combined with the white gloss, they create a harmonious and modern whole. The worktops and wall panels are made of high-quality Egger brand materials, with wood-like inlays that add warmth and elegance.

Drawers equipped with Tandembox Antaro BLUM System

The cabinet with drawers is equipped with Blum’s Tandembox Antaro, which guarantees smooth and quiet opening and closing. This makes storing and organising kitchen accessories easier and more ergonomic.

Ergonomic and functional storage from Peka

We have used Peka’s 3/4-wheel swivel basket in the corner unit, which allows easy access to all stored items, even in the most inaccessible places.

The LED strip under wall units

To enhance the atmosphere and create pleasant lighting, we installed LED strips under the wall units. This gives the interior a homely feel while providing a well-lit workspace.

Egger worktops, wall panels + Egger woodgrain panel

The worktops and wall panels are made from Egger’s durable material, which ensures durability and easy cleaning. The woodgrain inserts add warmth and natural character to the whole kitchen.


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